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St Mary and All Saints Church

Fotheringhay, Peterborough PE8 5HZ, UK

Whilst on a countryside walk, we stepped into this lovely church and were so glad that we did. Although a working church, there is also space for a small museum and the story of the church from build until present day. As a Scot, I was very interested in the story of Mary Queen of Scots which is laid out for all to read. The box pews were particularly lovely. We spent around 30 minutes just reading and looking. Well worth a visit.

Beautiful & Historic Church


Fotheringhay, Peterborough PE8, UK

We came across this lovely village on one of our rambles and found it to be a delightful, picturesque village. We intended to pass through to pick up the next part of our walk but, instead, we popped into the church for a look-see. There is a small display of the history of Fotheringhay and the notables who had visited - some Kings and Queens. As a Scotsman, I was quite interested in the story of Mary, Queen of Scots who had dealings there. Of note, too, were the old-style box-pews. It was certainly worth the time to visit. The village is well-kept with lovely old stone houses and well-kept gardens full of bright flowers and I loved the library-in-a-phonebox.

Nice enough village, would be better if the locals didn't keep hitting the bridges.

The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Warmington, Peterborough PE8, UK

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